Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd September 2019 – All Welcome!!

2020 event is cancelled!!

Meet the Sheep

Rural Links will be attending with Sheep to meet and greet! Learn all about the different breeds and the importance of farming

Sheep Trail

Take on our free Sheep Quiz Trial and receive an amazing Prize Goodie Bag at the end!

Free Shuttle Bus

Between Joss Lane Car Park & Farfield Mill. 12pm to 4pm
With Free admission to Farfield Mill


Take a picture with our "Sea-side" style photoboard. You can be the farmer or even the sheep!!

Pet Church Service

To be confirmed

Farfield Mill

Free entry to Farfield Mill.
Weaving Demonstrations. Resident Artists. Gallery Exhibitions.

Make your own sheep...

... and find it a home around sedbergh

Make a Sheep


Recycle - Reuse

The theme this year is "Recycle".
Make a sheep from any materials you can find which has been recycled.
Each household produces around 1 tonne of rubbish every year

  • The amount of rubbish we throw away is increasing due to things like lifestyle changes and an increasing population.
    We need to increase the amount of rubbish that is recycled because we cannot continue to landfill or burn it forever.  This is recognised by Government who are thinking of ways we can reduce the amount of rubbish that we produce and increase the amount of rubbish we re-use and recycle.
  • Find local retailers that accept products like used batteries, antifreeze, motor oil, paint cans, plastic bags, and cell phones, and take these items there when you are finished using them.
  • Use refillable containers, like water bottles and soap containers, whenever possible.
  • When you must use them, show your kids how to take only as many single-use items, like paper napkins, as they need.
  • Mend clothing and repair appliances and other products so that they can be reused, and have your kids help you sell or donate their used clothes and toys instead of throwing them out.
  • Use both sides of paper when printing from your computer.
  • Say no to disposable shopping bags. Bring your own reusable ones instead.
  • Shop for products with less waste and avoid single use products.
  • Reuse food containers like bottles and screw-top jars for things like nails or screws holders. Find creative ways to reuse items you might otherwise throw away. For example, find craft projects for used paper towel rolls, linens, boxes, packaging, and/or empty containers
  • Choose products that have the least amount of packaging.
  • Use what you already have instead of buying something new whenever possible.
  • Buy unpackaged items in loose bins when available, such as tools and produce.
  • Buy in bulk when purchasing items like laundry detergent, shampoo, pet food, cat litter, and other household items.

Both of these Sheep can be made for FREE at Farfield Mill over the weekend!

Where & When?

We are very sad to report that
Sheepfest 2020 is cancelled. We’ll be back for
Sheepfest 2021!!
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